Videos about voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide


Why has Parliament refused to change the law on assisted suicide so far? (UK)
2 minutes

Facing Life
1.5 minutes

A Cry For Help

2.5 minutes

Deadly Choice
2 minutes

What reasons give rise to requests for euthanasia?  Prof. David Richmond answers.
6 minutes

The Nazi Euthanasia Programme – Documentary
11 minutes

Resistance – the historical background (with captions) from Roaring Girl Productions on Vimeo.
Euthanasia Debate at the Water Cooler
8 minutes

Oxford Union Debate: Dame Illora Finlay
10 minutes

UNSW Euthanasia Debate — Paul Russell, HOPE
11 minutes

Last Mile Home – A New Zealand documentary about end of life care
11 minutes

Maggie Barry discusses voluntary euthanasia at our 2012 Conference in Auckland
19 minutes

Conference – Euthanasia:  Real Choice or Illusion of Choice?  
Featuring Dr David Richmond, Dr John Kleinsman and Dr Don Mathieson QC