Research on Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide

  • A 2010 study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that 32% of all euthanasia deaths in the Flanders region of Belgium were without request or consent.

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  • A study from the Netherlands that was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology concluded that people with a depressed mood were 4.1 times more likely to request euthanasia.

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  •  A study concerning the reporting of euthanasia in Belgium found that only 52.8% of all euthanasia deaths were reported.

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  • A 2010 study published in the Lancet indicates that there were approximately 300 deaths without explicit request or consent in the Netherlands.

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  • 2011 Official Statistics from Oregon show a 415% increase in deaths by Assisted Suicide since 1998.

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  • 2009 Statistics from Switzerland show almost a 700% increase in assisted suicide deaths of Swiss residents (excludes foreign nationals who travel to Switzerland to die).

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Dec, 2012. Report on assisted suicide deaths in Oregon & Washington.  Sharp increase in assisted suicides in recent years, appearance of ‘doctor shopping’.

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