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We’re not voting on whether a euthanasia law is needed. We’re voting on whether a specific version should operate as law with no changes.

Under this version, an eligible person as young as 18 years could receive a lethal injection as soon as 4 days after receiving a terminal diagnosis…

  • Even if they have no physical pain at all;
  • Even if they haven’t spoken to a palliative care specialist first;
  • Even if they haven’t received treatment for their symptoms;
  • Even if they also have depression or another mental illness; 

…and no one is required to let their loved ones know beforehand.

Imagine hearing about your loved one’s euthanasia after the fact… How would you feel?

The End of Life Choice Act (Section 11) states that a doctor needs to encourage the person to talk to others, but also ensure that the person knows they don’t have to tell anyone.

73% regard secret euthanasia a deal-breaker (poll). How many know this is what they’re voting on?

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18-year-old Rachel Major asked 100 of her friends whether they think a terminally ill teenager would tell their parents that they are going to ask for euthanasia. 78% said they think it would be unlikely for them to tell their parents.

Rachel, 18, polled 100 friends and found that 78% think it would be unlikely for a terminally ill teenager to tell their parents they are going to request euthanasia