Euthanasia Debate NZ

Why should euthanasia be legalised?

Call it assisted dying, assisted suicide, or end-of-life choice, but the question remains the same.

Euthanasia is usually promoted by people who watched loved ones suffer and die without good palliative care. Often euthanasia promoters have helped another person commit suicide.

Legalising Euthanasia & Physician Assisted Suicide will seriously change the social, medical and legal landscape of New Zealand. Would that be a wise decision? What can overseas experience tell us?

Labour MP Maryan Street sponsored the End-of-Life Choice Bill which proposes the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide. She withdrew this Private Member’s Bill from the ballot, but promised to return it after the next general election on 20 September.


What is euthanasia and assisted suicide, also called assisted dying?

What is the current legal situation in New Zealand?

What is the End-of-Life Choice Bill about?

What are the dangers of legal euthanasia and assisted suicide?

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